David Linford and Tyson Apostol

Our foreign correspondent in Cairo calls in to share a story with the Train. Shout out to Phil Bussman!

Uncle David returns to the show. Check out the well designed Family History Art to hang on your wall as a reference and a reminder of your ancestry.

Tyson interviewsan old Persian, who in his youth studied film, after taking him to a screening of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie, The Last Stand. The man has been compared in likeness to Mister Miyagi.

We bemoan the inversion that plagues the Salt Lake valley, and others.

What is it like, as a local Salt Lake City resident, to host hordes of filmmakers and audiences attending Sundance Film Festival every year? We’ll tell you.

And then over the same weekend, have the Outdoor Retailers come here and occupy the Salt Palace. What a thrill for our city to get so much traffic of professional guests to our city.

What podcast episode would be complete this week without a healthy chunk of conversation about Lance Armstrong? No podcast episode!

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