Mormon Hooch w/Katie Prottengeier Emilee Choate

Mormons and Gays.

“Helium balloons should be banned at Christmas as the party favourites are wasting a scarce resource that it vital for modern medical equipment, according to a leading academic.”

Last week, the Vatican announced that Benedict, who writes in longhand, would begin posting messages on Twitter in eight languages under the handle @pontifex, a Latin term for pope that means “bridge builder.” Claire Díaz-Ortiz, the director of social innovation at Twitter, was at the ceremony.

Sir Paul McCartney loves himself a benefit concert, and since his own solo act wasn’t added to the lineup for Wednesday night’s 12-12-12 benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims, he’s taken it upon himself to play the role of Kurt Cobain in the Nirvana reunion portion of the show.

Sitar master and composer Ravi Shankar died Tuesday at a hospital near his home in the San Diego area.

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