Joe Maddock and Dustin Kohli

Joe is in a great Salt Lake City rock band called Watches. Check them out!
The Watches will be playing at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City on April 23rd. (Saint George Day!)
Joe’s parents are making a pilgrimage to live in Jackson County, Missouri to be ready for the second coming. We make comparisons between Islam and Mormonism.

Dustin lets us know what Montana is really all about.

We discuss what it is like to leave the Mormon church, which generally isn’t as difficult as it is for members of the Amish community.


Salt Lake City may soon allow cyclists to run red lights. Utah’s traffic lights are slow and unresponsive as they are now.

In April, Salt Lake will install a public bike service called GREENbike.

The Leonardo museum in Salt Lake is displaying mummies from all around the world.

Microsoft is fined in Europe for not making room for browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Salt Lake City’s Broadway will be an open street for walking and skating and biking. It’s a street festival happening on May 4th.

Dining Car: JDawgs down in Provo, Utah is one of the best hot dog restaurants.

We discuss The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart taking a hiatus to make a movie called Rosewater.

New Secretary of State John Kerry has been enjoying his first international tour and announcing Americans’ rights to be stupid.

Hugo Chavez passed away to the dismay of Cubans everywhere. Watch his public access television program!

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